Data Security Protection for Your Computers, Laptops and Networks

Secure your entire network or a single desktop computer with cutting edge technology solutions using hard disk encryption, boot protection and dynamic passwords. Your personal and business data is valuable, so make sure you keep it secure, protected and encrypted.

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No enterprise can effectively control access to the network and critical information without security at the desktop. Strategic planning, research, product development, marketing data, third-party information, and other corporate secrets are widely distributed on individual PCs throughout the enterprise. All those desktops and laptops are the most numerous, most vulnerable entry points to your organization and are open to intrusion and theft. Protect Data's response to this threat is Protect, the uncompromising desktop security solution for the enterprise.

Protect meets the critical concerns of IT professionals:
Transparent, automatic encryption.
Strong, flexible central administration.
Easy distribution and installation across the network.
Scalable to thousands of users.
Boot level access control.
Compatible with Windows and Apple.

Protect software extends enterprise security to the desktop by preventing unauthorized access to desktop and laptop computers through a combination of boot protection, secure authentication, and bulletproof hard drive encryption. A simple solution rather than complex tool, Protect! is totally transparent to the user, fully scalable, yet easy to deploy and administer across the network. Protect and its predecessors have been under continuous development and have been used effectively since 1993.

Easy to Deploy, Scalable, Simple to Administer. ProtectDataSecurity isn't just a tool, it's an administrative solution. System Administrators can install, configure, and modify every PC over your WAN. They can delegate authority and set properties and privileges for individual users through a simple database. Fully scalable, Protect! works with all standard utilities and software. It protects individual drives and partitions. Multiple users can operate the same machine without compromising other secure files.

Transparent Hard Disk Encryption and Boot Protection. Protect's hard disk encryption and boot protection leave nothing to the discretion of the average user. With automatic hard disk encryption, System Administrators know that every hard drive is encrypted, and that they have control of who has access to each computer. Users no longer have to remember to encrypt individual files. And boot protection ensures that only authorized users will have access to individual PCs.

Fixed or Dynamic Passwords. System Administrators can decide whether users enter the system via fixed or dynamic passwords. They can also set minimum requirements for passwords and user identification including expiration dates, changing fixed passwords, and minimum numbers of characters for all user names and passwords.

We are proud to offer security encryption software for protecting the privacy of data and credentials on desktops and mobile computing devices such as Laptops, PDAs, and Smartphones. Data security software that ensures confidential information remains private even if the mobile device is lost or stolen.

We provide an award-winning solution that allows you to scan, detect, assess and remediate any data security vulnerabilities on your network.

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